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About Us: In the Community

The Creek Bed Country Farmacy is dedicated to improving the communities in the Columbia County, WI region.  We seek to provide educational and enjoyable experiences for families, school & youth groups.  We also seek to employ individuals from our community and to support local organizations.

Donation Requests

As an active member of the community, Creek Bed Country Farmacy is often asked to contribute to local fundraisers and organizations.  No business can contribute monetarily to every cause, so we have set a policy regarding ticket donation requests to make the process work for both the requesting party and our farm business.

  • • Our donation policy applies ONLY to non-profit 501(c)(3) groups with a valid, current tax ID number.
  • • Requests must be made using the form below and a link to the organization's web site must be included for verification.
  • • Donations are limited to one per year, per organization.

We generally give (2) Family Four Packs of tickets good for the current season's Fall corn maze.  We have found this system generates a better return for the organizations because a single Family Four Pack has a monetary value of $48. Auctioning (2) Four Packs at retail value is the equivalent of $96. Many organizations receive even more than retail value during fundraisers.

By requesting a ticket donation you are agreeing to support and promote Creek Bed Country Farmacy directly at or during the event.

We will contact you if your application is approved.




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